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Hubert "Bode" Price is too young to recognize his life's purpose, but one thing is certain: people have been searching for him since the day he was born. Narrated by his father, Finding Buddha follows Bode on a cross-country adventure complete with spectacular hikes, encounters with Mexican drug lords, and intimate conversations about love, loss, life, death, and rebirth.


As Bode struggles to remember the mother he never knew, his father discovers what she left him: a boy in her likeness, who meditates, quotes philosophers, and practices yoga, and Reiki healing. A story of enlightenment for both father and son, Finding Buddha ends with a discovery that will change Bode's life forever.

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About the author

Finding Buddha is Jay Chalnick’s deeply personal debut novel, for which he pulled inspiration from his own challenges dealing with loss and purpose, and the comfort he has found in Buddhist ideals and philosophy.


Chalnick is a graduate from the University of Arizona and the founder and CEO of VideoShop, an animation studio. Jay lives in Greenwich, Connecticut with his teenage son, who unfortunately bears only a mild resemblance to Hubert “Bode” Price.


“As a father to a young son myself, I easily escaped into this journey of discovery and the bond strengthening relationship between the main characters of the novel.  The author relates his depictions of the tenets of Buddhism in this tale set in a modern time period complete with characters that are accessible and not too unfamiliar.  The details in the storytelling really capture their experiences traveling across the United States and into Mexico where much of the narrative unfolds.  I especially like the way the mother’s character is well developed and floats over the entire story in an eloquent fashion.  She is as much alive in this story as is everyone else, and holds such lasting prominence for Bode and his father.  This is not a spoiler because it’s known very quickly in the novel that Bode’s mother has passed away.  Very well crafted.  I especially love the ending, but that I will not spoil as you must read this fantastic book to find out.”

-Marc T. via Amazon

“At rare occasions, concert audiences don't clap. Not because they didn't like the performance, but because of the contrary. I witnessed this once, after one of Bach's Passions. Probably Saint Matthew's. I sang in the choir. People just got up in silence and left the church. Any other behavior would have seemed inappropriate, seemed to destroy something that was in the air.


I finished the book tonight. I didn't feel like clapping, but more like nodding a deeply satisfied "Yes". I find it hard to describe exactly what I found so fascinating. One thing, for sure, is the logical coherence which, as a mathematician, I just couldn't not notice: All the pieces fit together perfectly like in a great jigsaw puzzle. Jorge, the tablet, the Poland Spring bottle (loved that one!), the phone dying, the shrimp story, ... and there are probably lots of pieces I missed. Drawing another analogy with music, some of Bach's piano pieces are so great, simply because they are so simple. And the more you play them, the more you discover. They are simple AND deep. Really good things are seldom complex. So, while there are probably thousands of books about Buddhism, trying to convey its fundamental messages to people of various backgrounds, I think it can hardly be told with more captivating simplicity. Which implies beauty.”

-Joachim via Amazon

“An engaging story: wholesome, insightful and very sensitively written. I myself studied Buddhism in some depth, as an East Asian Studies major back in my college days. Many Buddhist tenets and values ring true through the ages and around the world, and certainly apply today. In Finding Buddha, Jay Chalnick makes the philosophy relevant and timeless...subtly reinforcing this point by setting the book in 2023. Even beyond the fact that I can relate to a lot of the philosophy at the basis of the story, though, is the way that the author's own inner peace, love of family and faith that all humans are inherently worthy of redemption and happiness, shine out from every page.”

-Sophia D. via Amazon

“Purchased as a gift for my dad, but read it prior to giving to him for Father's Day! Beautifully written story told through the eyes of a dad on a road trip with his young son. Highly recommend for an easy read that will both make you laugh out loud and remind you of your own family road trips... with a twist at the end!”

-Rebecca L. Roman via Amazon

“If you're looking for a good read, this is the perfect book. Finding Buddha takes you to another place, with a father and his young son. A wonderful story that leaves you feeling spiritually renewed and looking for more.”

-Lucy Ricotta, Glen Cove, NY

“This magical debut follows a father and son on a road trip (so eloquent you feel like you are along for the ride). It is sweet, uplifting and full of wisdom. A must read for all!”

-Sassy via Amazon

“I couldn’t put it down.”

-M. Oppedisano, West Yarmouth, MA

“...a beautifully written debut novel about a father and son's cross-country trip and what they discover about each other, as well as themselves. A great read! I was truly inspired!”

L.Prajka-Robbins via Amazon

“...captivating, engaging, well done. This is a must read! I can’t wait to recommend it to my book club.”

-M. Mansi, Glen Cove, NY

“... masterful job blending the emotional resonance of a father/son relationship with the mystical search for the world’s next spiritual leader.”

-G. Shapiro, New York, NY

“... beautifully drawn journey filled with unforgettable characters. I fell in love with Bode and thoroughly enjoyed this book!”

-L. Cipriani, Mountain Lakes, NJ

“... playful, imaginative ... I loved this book!”

-C. Schoenfeld, Mountain Lakes, NJ

“One great read!”

-J. Woods, Scottsdale, AZ




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